If you write or want to write, the North Bay Writers Workshop is for you.

Writers of all skill levels, ages, or genres are welcome. Whether your goal is publication, support for completion of work in progress, creative expression, or personal exploration, the workshop will help you develop the artistry of  your own original voice.

Tools, Not Rules

The workshop provides a  supportive, encouraging, and confidential environment where it’s safe to work, play, take risks, and create. Perfect for the writer within, this is a dedicated time and space for your creativity to spark. You learn to recognize, cultivate, and trust your individual voice. You learn and internalize craft along the way.

My approach to writing is fun and powerful. It meets you where you are and takes you places you haven’t been. Beginning and experienced writers find a supportive, encouraging context from which to write from their deepest

A writer’s words are meant to be heard, to be seen, to be alive in the world

Writing need not be a solitary process. Although I do much of my writing alone, I have found writing with others to be a peak creative time in my writing practice. Writing in a community creates a powerful synergy and allows us to explore new territory.  Here, we can find the support to take greater risks, the understanding to face significant blocks or problems, and the interest to spark new work.

Your workshop facilitator

Workshops are facilitated by Peg Alford Pursell, an award-winning writer and teacher, who provides structure and support to help you get over blocks, and help keep you energized and motivated with your writing.

The workshop is currently on hiatus. Contact Peg for more information.